Fennen Designtüren


Designer doors by FENNEN – it all started with a vision


Unique Masterpieces

“The history of the FENNEN designer doors began with the search for a door for our own house. I could see the design clearly. A front door that would give our home a personal face with charisma and character. Representative and solid; not static, but as authentic and lively as we are, its residents. It could easily be a little different. A challenge, which I – as a trained carpenter and managing director of a company that has been building first-class front doors made of natural timber for over 70 years – gladly took on. This is how the first FENNEN was created. ith an interchangeable exterior door wing for an uncomplicated change of the front design, which – just like life itself – offers the possibility of individual changes at any time. This is what motivates my employees and I to constantly develop new extraordinary design ideas.”

Florian Kowalski

“I would like to present front doors in a completely new way, developing them, from the functional part in the facade to the work of art in the middle of the entrance area. This also includes innovative design ideas.”

Selected materials of exclusive quality
Unique items with a strong character with expressive embossing
Selective choice of materials for the design
Design changes possible in a few minutes


FENNEN stands for honest, genuine, solid materials. Authentic timber surfaces – created by Mother Earth, shaped by nature: Ageing processes that give the appearance and feel of the natural material more expressiveness every year.
FENNEN designer doors are an ode to the uniqueness of the original by underlining its character and allowing it to live on. Is there a greater appreciation of the beauty of nature?


FENNEN doors benefit from over 70 years of experience in front door construction and are characterised by corresponding quality. From uncompromisingly high-quality components to masterful craftsmanship in manufacturing to the recorded final inspection by competent master carpenters: with a lot of passion, skill and care, every FENNEN becomes a unique masterpiece and promises the perfect combination of design, function and longevity.


With a FENNEN front door, there is no ‘could have’ or ‘would be’, just a beautiful ‘can’ or ‘may’. The front door becomes a unique purchase with which you at the same time take the freedom to develop your own style or even reinvent it, to express individuality. Two expert actions are all that is needed to replace the solid curtain shell on the outside. No noise, no dirt. . Simply a new design in no time at all.

Unique in its kind

As unique as FENNEN front doors are: The realized projects impress with almost limitless versatility. Individuality par excellence.