Fennen Designtüren


Virtuoso works demand skill – and masterful materials


The German master violin maker was trained at the violin making school in Newark and in the renowned workshops of Michael Becker in Chicago and Bernard Sabatier in Paris. Klaus C. Grumpelt has been developing his own violins, violas and cellos in his master studio in Hamburg since 2004: The valuable string instruments are treasured all over the world by musicians of great orchestras and are for sale internationally in selected shops in New York, Stockholm and Berlin as well as in the master’s Hamburg studio. We owe the inspiration for front doors with a special accentuation to him.


Florian Kowalski always had a great interest in the tradition of the instrument making trade. In terms of construction, this could hardly be more different from the door trade, or you might think so at first. Inspired by Klaus C. Grumpelt, the renowned violin maker from Hamburg, the founder of our FENNEN had the idea of creating something unique, something very fine. In search of expressive material, they got together at the Hamburg trading house for noble and exotic woods. From the ‘Bocote’ tonewood, with its indescribably lively pattern, the image of a unique front door immediately came to mind. And that was just the beginning.

Wood selection

The keyboard of the timber offers a lot of room for the most diverse modulations and variations. In order to compose a perfect work, the natural basic tones of the selected timbers become the leitmotif: Even the type of processing is matched to the respective type of timber during the orchestration. FENNEN offers a broad spectrum, from a symphony of quiet tones to a powerful fortissimo overture.


From the basic theme to the brilliant finale: when composing FENNEN designer doors, every little detail counts. The aspiration of our masters is to emphasise the natural beauty of the material and to create an expressive arrangement by adding refining notes. The result is the perfect interplay between design and function.



Nothing stays the same – an unwritten law. Change is a form of liveliness. Thus, each FENNEN evolves with its residents and tells its own story, over many decades. If we let it. A nice thought.



FENNEN is looking all over the world for the perfect timber
for the entrance area of your home. Get inspired.