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More individuality is not possible – FENNEN products highlight your personality.

The art of front design
The principle behind FENNEN products is diversity. In our design worlds we have some examples of beautiful design ideas and yet it is only a sketch of the almost endless possibilities.
After all, you are the designer of your own individual front door. What should your initial experience look like?
We love unusual wishes. May we be creative for you?

Do you have a concrete idea for the design of your new front door? Perfect. Our FENNEN doors were created to fulfill wishes. Your design wishes. How do you envision the exterior of your home? Let your creativity flow! Dare to think outside the box. Together with your local FENNEN specialist, we will work towards turning the impossible into a reality. Whenever possible.

Every FENNEN is a unique masterpiece. We love materials from nature, they are the original and nothing less is our standard. The pinnacle of achievement for us is reached when we allow nature to leave marks of time on a FENNEN front design. This creates lively originality.

A contradiction that we simply nullify with our FENNEN doors. With a FENNEN, you have the freedom to change your mind time and time again. With just two movements, the front design can be exchanged. And as often as you like. The front door remains a one-time purchase.

Tell us your ideas or get inspired on site.

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