Fennen Designtüren


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FENNEN is a premium brand of KOWA Holzbearbeitung GmbH and stands for high-quality designer front doors.

KOWA Holzbearbeitung GmbH was founded in 1950. The medium-sized family business is now being managed in the third generation by Florian Kowalski. We can look back on more than 70 years of experience in the construction of front doors and windows.

The company’s headquarters, with two production facilities and administration, are in Goldenstedt, Lower Saxony. ith 100 employees, individual front doors and windows are manufactured from natural timber and timber-aluminium materials and sold throughout Germany and Europe via a network of sales agents from trade and crafts.

Up to 500 openings are produced weekly on the process-optimised production line in the modern windows factory. Strongly dependent on the complexity of the door elements, the output in front door assembly is 50 to 90 individual doors per week. The product groups are in the proportion 60% windows to 40% front doors.

Zertifikate / Prüfzeugnisse

  • RAL Gütezeichen Holzfenster
  • RAL Gütezeichen Holz-Alu Fenster
  • RAL Gütezeichen Haustür
  • Qualitätsmanagement DIN EN ISO 9001
  • RC1 N Holz- und Holz-Alu Fenster
  • RC2 Holz- und Holz-Alu Fenster
  • RC3 Holzfenster
  • RC2 Holzhaustür
  • Schallschutz Prüfzeugnisse
  • FSC® COC Zertifikat
  • PEFCTM COC Zertifikat
  • Außentüren in Fluchtwegen Holz und Holz-Alu